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Lifestyle Entrepreneur Prologue

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Prologue – From The Jungles of Borneo…

Today I'm excited to share a preview from the audio book of Lifestyle Entrepreneur (which I narrated and just finished recording!) Here is the Prologue of Lifestyle Entrepreneur called "From The Jungles of Borneo..." Prologue of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Here it is an excerpt from the book in case you want to read along:   From Lifestyle Entrepreneur to Business In … [Read More...]

Discover Your Identity Series

Internal Identity Drivers Banner

Discover Your Internal Identity Drivers

In the previous post Discover and Design Your True Identity, I laid out the components of the Identity Framework and the progression towards fully owning and … [Read More...]

Awesome Guest Authors

Business With a Family - in Thailand

The Secrets of a Familypreneur – Building a Business with a Family

Building a Business With a Family: The Family-Oriented Lifestyle Entrepreneur Every year when winter time comes to Denmark my family and I pack up our things and go … [Read More...]

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A Year to Live by Jesse Krieger

A Year to Live – Permission to Live Boldly

I just got back from an intense and inspiring weekend retreat called Entrepreneurs Awakening led by my friends Michael Costuros and Bryan Bayer. One of the questions posed over the weekend was both simple and profound: If you only had one year to live, how would you spend it? Then we journaled … [Read More...]

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit – Join Us!

Today I'm excited to announce the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit! To celebrate the forthcoming US release of Lifestyle Entrepreneur, I've invited 10 inspirational entrepreneurs to share their stories and strategies with you on how to build an online business, based on your interests and passions … [Read More...]

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Reader Makes $12,000 in 6 Weeks

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Reader Makes $12,000 in 6 Weeks

A few weeks ago I got a very cool, and quite unexpected email from my friend in Canada linking to this article: Montrealer Sells $12k in Six Weeks After Creating Shopify Page.  So I read the lead paragraph and it made my day: "Montrealer Anna Van Tuinen had always designed and created paper … [Read More...]

Define and Design Your External Identity Drivers

Define and Design Your External Identity Drivers

Welcome to Part 3 of the Discover Your Unique Identity in Business and Life Series! In Part 1 - Discover and Design Your True Identity we talked about how our upbringings, family and social ties unconsciously shape our identities to some degree and how to consciously define and design the identity … [Read More...]