How To Design Your Own Life – Questions For Lifestyle Design

design your own life

If you've ever wondered how to design your own life, then you probably came to the realization that you now want to be in control of your future. Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur is the best way to make that happen. The very fact that you’re able to run your business from your laptop with an internet connection anywhere in the world will allow you to live the lifestyle you’ve … [Read more...]

Lifestyle Design 101: Discover Your Identity in Business and Life

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Lifestyle Design 101: Discover Your Identity Find The Centerpiece That Truly Excites You  Designing your ideal lifestyle begins with a strong understanding of your identity and core values. This requires you to become self-aware, to identify and imagine the activities, the context and the people who participate in the ideal vision of your life. With a strong sense of … [Read more...]