Dream Training – Launch Day!

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Happy Launch Day! It's always an exciting Tuesday when we're launching a new book, and today that is twice as true. Since early on in the publishing process, I knew Dream Training had the potential to be special. Very special.  Colin Gilmartin, the author transcended difficult circumstances in his own upbringing and had become a nationally-ranked soccer coach. But it wasn't … [Read more...]

[Book Launch] One Size Does Not Fit All – Stress Management

One Size Does Not Fit All Stress Management

  If you're in the US, then you may already be firing up the BBQ and getting ready for some 4th of July fun in the sun.   I know by this time tomorrow I'll likely have a beer in hand and some fireworks ready to launch when the sun goes down.   But before we get to all that, I've got some exciting news and a great opportunity to join me for a live online … [Read more...]

Book Launch – Launch Your Business by Rosetta Thurman

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Title: Launch Your Business by Rosetta Thurman Launch Date: May 12, 2015 As promised yesterday in my email today is launch day for our latest and greatest author Rosetta Thurman with her power-packed no-nonsense book Launch Your Business! Get a copy of Launch Your Business today for Free << My gift to you for being in the Lifestyle Entrepreneur family Rosetta … [Read more...]

Launch Your Business Live – Debrief from Speaking in Atlanta

Launch Your Business Live in Atlanta

Hope you had a great weekend! I just got back from Atlanta, where I had the honor of speaking to over 100 female entrepreneurs at the Launch Your Business Live event. This was the largest audience I’ve spoken to thus far and it was a total rush, not to mention great for business…I closed over $10,000 of new sales into my signature author training program Bestseller Campaign … [Read more...]

15 Awesome Books for A Buck Each!

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I know some of you here aspiring authors (or are already best-selling authors ;) so wanted to share this cool event taking place next week that is book-related...and has some marketing lessons you can apply to your nook and biz. So, for the whole day Jan 14 you can get any (or ALL) of these books for $0.99 each. Check out Buck Bucks Entrepreneur Book Day Here That in … [Read more...]